Yoga at BPFITT Gym
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Yoga at BPFITT Gym

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Join the Life Simplified community at BPFITT Gym for yoga!

TWO class offerings as of 10/1/22:

  • Wednesday Evening Restore | 7-8pm
  • Saturday Morning Flow Yoga | 8:30 - 9:30am

*Saturday class times are subject to change based on our event schedule*

What to expect:

Restore (Wednesday evening): This class emphasizes a floor-based practice so you can feel a deep stretch, open and release major muscle groups. You will NOT find any chaturangas in this class!

Flow (Saturday morning): This class flows at a slowed pace so there's time to explore each pose. You will gently engage, open and strengthen the body in this class - optional chaturangas in this class.

Both classes are great for all level students!

Please bring a yoga mat + water. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to class as we will start on time.

By purchasing a ticket, it means I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the Life Simplified with Ali LLC Waiver & Release of Liability which can be found here.



7280 N Glen Harbor Blvd #106, Glendale, AZ

Thank you & I can't wait to meet you on your mat!

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